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I decided to post in this thread because it pertains specifically to Eric.

I had decided not to post anymore about the recent conflicts and negative turn of events. Initially I decided to make some statements to defend EPD Labs, but then I felt like the arguments were getting to be non-constructive, and instead of a discussion about facts, things turned into attacks on each others characters. That is when I decided to stop posting. I felt like it was time to put my energy into something productive rather than bickering.

Recently a video was released showing Eric saying some very compromising things. It shows some very damaging things to Eric's reputation. One of the things the video suggests is that Eric is currently a meth addict. I felt it necessary to make a statement, getting some of the facts straight.
For everyone who didn't already know this, Eric lived with me off and on for close to 2 years. We spent a lot of time together. This is the most important sentence in this post:
The entire 2 years I have known Eric I have never seen him do meth or have any behavior that suggests he is using meth.

He spent a lot of time sleeping, and meth users usually don't sleep much!

He has told me he used meth recreationally in the past, but that was in the past. I spoke with Eric today and he plans to take a drug test and then post the results publicly, proving that he is not currently doing meth. From what I understand, Eric used meth in the past to build a lot of equipment and put up antennas, but was never an addict like the video purports.

As you can see in the video, Eric does have an abrasive personality at times, but that is the way of the coyote. It serves as a fitting analogy, coyotes are wild animals, spectacular in their own right, but not necessarily suited for civilization.

Eric is a person just like any of us. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, nobody is perfect. The thing about the internet is it makes you somewhat anonymous, keeping your own flaws from being made public. I have plenty of things in my past that I would rather not be made public and Eric is no different. It is unfortunate his life has been put on display the way it has, it is not a situation I envy.

I am going to continue to work with Eric, and hopefully some great things can be accomplished in the future. For the moment I'm keeping my head down and getting back to work, trying to be productive, and avoiding all the online drama.

Have a good day,
John Polakowski
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