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Demo didn't make it onto the new DVDs

Originally Posted by yaro1776 View Post
John Bedini's second presentation dealt with a comprehensive look at the history and theory behind the SG Monopole with a working model in operation. All could witness the various modes of operation for the SG Monopole up close and personal. Towards the tail end of the 1/2 day presentation there were quite a few forehead slaps, AHA! moments, for the many SG builders, when John showed the simple circuit modification to create a generating mode for the SG. As witnessed by all, the SG Monopole was rotating at 200+ rpm charging a secondary battery, pushing air with the side mounted fans and the primary battery voltage climbing. BOOM! A self running device... Check out the new Part 33 - 2 disc DVD Bedini's Energy from a Vacuum.

Yaro Stanchak
Thanks Yaro,

I'm really sorry to have missed the conference this year.

I got the new Part 33 - 2 disc DVD EFTV set yesterday and they're AWESOME! Its very interesting the different Phases of the SG as John refers to them, and the Generator Mode was amazing...

John does show an increase in the primary charge but with the device in normal multi-strand SG mode. When he demonstrates the Generator mode, as he's drawing the schematic for that change, he mentions there are 2 ways to do this but only shows one way - which was awesome in itself - but doesn't show the primary charging as the SG is running - plus he does not remove the clamping diode for this demonstration.

Still, I'd consider this DVD set to be a no-brainer MUST HAVE for anyone researching the Monopole Energizer. For me, if John's in it, I buy it - 'nuff said...

Maybe the demo from the Conference will make it onto youtube at some point... I'd love to see it!

Best regards to all,

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