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@Adam Bull

Originally Posted by 7redorbs View Post
I see that a comment of mine has again disappeared from the indiegogo campaign comments page, for the Eric Dollard fundraiser again. Is this something ERic Dollard is doing? Or is somebody else pulling strings?

I am sorry to say that I have felt appalled since the very beginning of the "aetheric revolution". I wonder how Eric feels. I wonder.
I know for a fact that Eric has nothing to do with that. Ray Savant and David Webster are the only Indegogo campaign managers (according to a message from Webster before) for the campaign you are referring to.

It would be hard for me to believe that David would be erasing past history. Even when I asked David about Ray taking credit for the traffic that came from my promotions, David said that it would be Ray that could post something so Ray is the one who is most likely deleting things and trying to alter history.

Eric has not been represented the way Eric wants to be represented by all the aetheric revolution circus act.
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