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make it stop!

Well, I came here to get a bead on the life and work of one Eric P. Dollard.
I got much more than I bargained for. Thank you all.

Really guys, the lot of you should go on Dr. Phil and tell this twisted tale.
If that doesn't help,maybe Jerry Springer?

I try to help homeless people in my area, so I know a little bit about the some of the psychology involved.
One thing that I don't do is throw a lot of money at a homeless person and expect that will solve all of his/her problems. In fact, it makes it worse.

I watched closely how Eric interacted with the interviewer on that recent vid.
I can tell that he must be terror to work with.
As long as he is the one doing the talking, he's great. When some interaction from another happens, he gets abrupt.
So, here you have a guy who has history of making poor life choices who wants to run the show.
Sorry, I don't buy the "I lost 7 labs because I'm always a victim" story.
( Dr. Phil ain't gonna like it either)

He's not a team player, that's for sure.
I'll bet he wants to do whatever comes to his mind on your nickel.
Like I said before, he a fascinating guy of a mercurial nature.
Good luck with that!

Now we have "adult" men bickering and hurling insults at each other like ten year olds on a psudo science forum and you wonder why your "research" gets no respect?
All of this he said/she said stuff is ridiculous to the point of being hilarious!

Keep it up, I'll go grab another beer and some popcorn.

Ps: Techzombie, Your OK,man,because you told it like it is at the lab, even if you do ride a pink pimp cycle.
I can only imagine the daily frustration!
You can lead a horse to water...etc, etc...