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Final note to Tom Brown - Borderlands

Originally Posted by zinky View Post
And I'm shocked that TechZombie raced motorcycles and chased women, jeez, what's this world coming to anyway???
You came here with accusations about me neglecting this and that as if I have some evil motive. You talk as if I was supposed to know what you're talking about and the message you use as proof that I "ignored" you was by a new member with 1-2 posts telling me to ban Eric. Go look at it yourself - no signature, no reference to any posts - just you telling me that Eric is insulting you about various things, you didn't tell me who you were, etc... Whatever reason you had for staying anonymous and neglecting to tell me who you were or what the posts were about looks fishy to me and I'm not going to waste my time. I'm not going to go read each and every post to go find what you are talking about. Anyone can flag any post and that saves time and directs the moderators directly to the posts in question.

THIS PARAGRAPH IS EDITED: I can't verify what Eric says about you, but I have enough information in my archives (just my notes of what people have said) to suggest one or two very shady things that you have done in the past that are completely out of integrity and I can and will make this as big of a deal with as much publicity as it needs to be to expose the fact that you are not as altruistic as you claim. You do genuinely try to help then when you get your panties in a bunch, you are completely willing to flush all decency down the drain just because you're mad. TO CLARIFY TO TOM BROWN - my reference to "starting to believe Eric" is that your motives are questionable in general because what you are pulling here with me. As far as embezzlement, being married to a demon, etc..., I don't know about the specifics of what anyone says but the gist of you having some integrity issues was just verified by you to me today.

Little do you know that this Techzombie is behind the group that actually sees you as their enemy since behind the scenes, you are responsible for being, allegedly, greatly responsible for screwing Eric in the past. You don't seem to have enough sense to realize that YOU are one of the people Techzombie would like to destroy for screwing with Eric in the past - and here you are completely oblivious to all reality as you stand by his side with your arm around him. People who I thought were so intelligent are showing signs that they are literally losing their flipping minds.

Yes, you are banned now as is Techzombie because I won't let you obscure the truth about Ray Savant or anything else going on. I have to get that interview with Eric up with as little distraction as possible.

Ray is not about racing motorcycles and chasing women Mr. Enlightened one. If you know how to read the English language, you can see that it has NOTHING to do with racing motorcycles and chasing women and if that is the level of your comprehension, then there are no words to describe you mental filtration process, which selectively lets you see what suits you in the moment while discarding the rest. You really have gone off the deep end as someone mentioned to me and I'm starting to believe it.
Aaron Murakami

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