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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post

I vaguely remember that. It's ANONYMOUS and I'm not going to waste much time following up on anonymous requests.

I generally do not follow most of what was in Eric's threads because I don't have the technical background to follow it. So expecting me to know every little scuffle going on between members is not just unrealistic, it is downright ridiculous to assume I knew what you were talking about.

You know who I am and how to get in touch with me by email. I thought we had some cordial communications by email and I had a degree of respect for you and your past work. Why play games and send this when you could have emailed me. Perhaps Eric was right about you. Otherwise, why would you be playing these games now?
With the mountains of words you are willing to spew, with all their inherent illogic, and with all the bravado you claim in keeping track of everything, how could you overlook someone pointing out that false and defamatory information is being posted on your forum by one of the star posters? Any other forum supervisor would have jumped right to that, as such is not only against most forum rules, it is also a violation of law. How many anonymous names are there on here? What a joke of an excuse

And so "Perhaps Eric was right about" me, so I'm assuming that you agree that I'm a thief and embezzler and married a demon? You are a Class A Chump Aaron, really, there is no getting around it at this point. I'm sure you can squeeze a few more pages of weasel words out trying to defend yourself, but all you are doing is painting yourself into a corner.

Funny how this all worked out. When I saw Eric was going to speak at your conference I smelled trouble right away, as I knew you would be putting him into your 'guerrilla marketing' format and would cause contention with those who have sacrificed to help Eric. I didn't care because it is not my issue, but I did see it coming. Of course none of any of this will be Eric's fault, he's like the pope, infallible

And I'm shocked that TechZombie raced motorcycles and chased women, jeez, what's this world coming to anyway???