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indiegogo comments deleted, and finding a way forward (part 2)

A lot can be told from a mans attitude. Calling your fellow man a sociopath, "psycho" or referencing Freud's work whilst referring to them in the 3rd person whilst speaking to the forum as if a performer with your audience is something of which belongs in a circus, it is at the very least to me patronishing as is the entire aetheric revolution. No academic or new age institution would welcome your threatening activity. Calling a war cry to attack someone because they do not agree with you belongs in a class room and not in a scientific or engineering rationale. To use effective metaphors, one must first understand their meaning.

It is my hope that Eric has not said the things that have been relayed to me as not only are these extremely upsetting and saddening but entirely inappropriate and were not necessary.

I was going to say nothing. However in light of some things that have been mentioned about how Eric may or may not potentially feel, I feel that the sin of my exposing a wrong outweighs the sin of allowing it to continue unfettered. And in light of the untruths that have been spoken about me, and the suppression of my truthful statements I have felt compelled to act.

Especially considering when we are dealing with a group of people which are against so-called "suppression" and are saying that "everyone is welcome". The truth is I did as much as Aaron, Techz, David or anyone, at least to the capacities and resources I had. I didn't want thanks. What I actually wanted was the $100 letter I paid for, and nothing else. We had given the $1100 freely. But I didn't even get the letter. Instead I got threatened by the campaign fundraiser "ray" "Mohammed" or techzombie, or whatever the other names he goes by. Apparently Eric has said stuff about me on video, and I am to learn that I should go away "or else". On a fairer level, having done an excessive amount of work, that others who received a letter from eric did not do. I felt a little bit deflated by the whole thing.

I infact I invite this so-called video footage of Eric Dollard slandering me that Techzombie speaks about to be aired, but suggest that continued activities such as this cannot go on much longer. I do not fear the threat of reprisal and I do not bow to it's threat either.

It was Nikola Tesla's birthday yesterday, I am sorry that it had to be with such distaste and discourteous exchange, but there was nothing good in this unlucky business for me to discuss, and so I found myself forced in talking of these unworldly things in regard to the unfortunate business of misgivings and so it was with the same regret that in dealing with such unlucky business I myself had to talk of resolving the same,

I firstly and lastly am least of all perfect among us, but I believe that tomorrow I will still have my self respect.

My sincerest apologies and deepest respect. If Eric still wants our money or to provide some sort of explanation for the way that I have been treated, I welcome it. I have no ill will towards Eric or the campaigners of this fundraiser at all, even if they do think I am a psychopath and my book is ****. I hereby reject that and challenge it, and must so forth apologies unreservedly for having to bring this to public attention.

To be honest I sacrificed too much of my life to be able to recognize such a hurtful and unnecessary comment, but nonetheless write in recognition of it for the last and kindest time. Most of all In hope that Eric Dollard himself will not end up damaged by such continued and unjustifiable remarks aimed at people. Success is not an impenetrable shield, it depends on your people.

And whilst Eric Dollard and every engineer hates politics and refuses to co-operate with the "paristic oscillations", it results in those paristic oscillations taking over the entire board, and the engineer ends up being governed by an inferior wave.

Plato, I believe said that the only existing problem with not participating in poltiics was that we would be governed by our inferiors. Here lies the concern of Tesla , Reich, and Dollard, and the singular obstruction to this work.

I am prepared to work together, I always was, but it seems many are not prepared to work with me. Or even preserve the truth of this historic occasion,

What a shame.