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@Tom Brown - Borderlands

Originally Posted by zinky View Post
you really are an *******!
You send me that PM asking me to Ban Eric. You don't tell me who you are or what it is even about and you make no references to any posts. Look at your own message - you don't even put your name to it. Zinky? Who the hell is Zinky??? I was supposed to take that seriously? A new member with 1 or 2 posts at the time if even that requesting me to ban someone. I think you need to wake up look at it from someone else's perspective instead of just your own.

I already knew Ray had some issues but after hearing Eric explain quite a few things to me and witnessing what I've witnessed, he was right on about everything else that I wasn't able to verify at the time.

I knew of issues between Eric and you, but didn't know what to make of that because I had a lot of respect for you and didn't see you as being that way, but evidently Eric was right, which is very sad to learn. I was an admirer of your work and now I find myself disgusted with you.
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