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Originally Posted by techzombie View Post
Whose ridiclous idea was that????? Great question....


We all did a double face palm on that one.... Try talking to him yourself..

David and I wanted to focus on getting the CIG done and getting it out to the world but.... Eric has MANY pet projects...

Seriously... you guys don't know the half of it. and now we have a sociopath wanting to further suck his blood after eating up 3 months.....

double face palm....
You are a scumbag Ray. Look how easily you turn on Eric when you start to get exposed. You are showing everyone how you just shake your head at Eric.... Talk about a sociopath - first you're all about integrity and now you are disrespecting Eric to the whole world.

If you had any sense of decency or respect for Eric, your aim would be to PROTECT Eric and his reputation. Instead you simply show you are what I said, a scumbag.
Aaron Murakami