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Originally Posted by Farmhand View Post
Not replying to you Orion, just agreeing. Keep tending those chickens.

I agree the thought of Eric climbing poles to installing horizontal supports and
insulators so he can then hang wire makes me shake my head. What if he falls ?

He should have help, I admire his work ethic and I realize he is a safe worker
but there should at least be someone else there to "offside" for him and just
be there for reasons safety ect. Freak accidents happen.

He may want to do things himself so he knows things are done how he wants
them. Every Tradesperson building something should have an observing
assistant though for assisting and safety. Even if he must give them training first, I think he deserves some help.

Whose ridiclous idea was that????? Great question....


We all did a double face palm on that one.... Try talking to him yourself..

David and I wanted to focus on getting the CIG done and getting it out to the world but.... Eric has MANY pet projects...

Seriously... you guys don't know the half of it. and now we have a sociopath wanting to further suck his blood after eating up 3 months.....

double face palm....