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Well folks

We have a serious problem here. There is a sociopath running this place.

If you do not recognize that after 3 pages of insults, threats and a tone of utter contempt then just ignore this message and go on about grazing.

What happened is pretty clear. One of our comrades was attacked and we rallied to his defense. Then we were all attacked. This is not a brawl, merely friends and comrades coming to the aid of another. All the attacks are coming from one side. I have been called an infidel and a muslim terrorist thus far... will I be labeled a Nazi next? Only in the sick mind of a sociopath can all three be true at once.

Who else but a sociopath accuses grown men of "popping off at the mouth" when having a rational discussion? I wouldn't talk to children that way, yet this creature does so without guilt and then expects our sympathy. Classic sociopathic behavior.

I see clearly why nothing has ever come out of this forum and why nothing ever will. Scientists need balls and brains. clearly this environment is a ball crusher, with a high chair tyrant treating grown scientists like children. Would you speak to me that way in person Aaron? or John? or any grown man? I think we all know the answer. Maybe Ill ride up to the next conference on my floating anti grav bike with two Japanese Gogo Dancers decked out in Nazi attire with big old muslim turban, the Giant Negro From Mars... I wonder what your tone would be like then? Wear knee pads kid. there is only one keyboard "warrior" here...

We need to take a stand and realize what is happening here. David Wittekind has sacrificed everything to make this happen, His house, maxed his credit cards, taken out a loan on his 401k. JohnP let Eric live with him for 2 years. David Webster has spent countless hours being there for Eric when no one else cared and has transcribed all the notes you see on here. Helping Eric, Aaron and all of us. All this work is about to be thrown away because of one man's greed.

Aaron wishes he could have made this happen himself and create a real brand for Eric... but all Aaron can do is count beans and do seo hacks to sell more nofat pills and ass water. So he is trying to drag a noble mission into video and book sales. Eric;s videos will go up on the same old template and you won't know if you're gonna be getting a talk on the Hysteresis of the Aether or a way to blow 90 bucks to lose a pound of flab off your behind. He just wants another cow to milk. We want to resurrect real science and so does Eric. He lead us here.

The hottest spot in hell is reserved for those who stay neutral in times of great trial. If you stay neutral while your friend is being attacked, what happens? Will you stay calm and ask everyone to take a balanced perspective when someone is raping your sister? Or will you jump in and defend her ?

JohnP, Garret and I all jumped in and we are still being assaulted. My personal information was dropped all over this website..... ask yourself what kind of creature does this. Aaron is focusing on me because I am not backing down and the sociopath hunger for his supply of narcissistic supply to keep his ego inflated and to send a message to others. He sees us all as peasants and this place as his ant farm.

The situation at the lab... well... it could be alot better. We all went there and broke our backs working to build it up. We were all expecting to grind to work on the lab and in a few months have a CIG up and running and a new Fundraiser to cover the huge costs. Then Eric announces he is taking a 3 month break.... to give a lecture at the conference.... (double face palm)

There is a very clear plan and the videos were in the works, but then everything got put on hold and all of a sudden me and David Wittekind were the villains. David was accused of "nefarious" acts and I was accused of misrepresenting Eric, so the videos stopped. now.... it is even worse. with Eric turning on all of us out of the blue.

The plan Aaron has is simple. Sabotage EPD Labs, turn us all against each other and then claim he is saving it from us "messing up". Thus far he has turned Eric against us all, yet cannot divide David,Dave, John and I. This frustrates his socipathic mind so he is now focusing on me in that he can get the others to turn on me and thus have the "threat" I represent out of the picture. Then he will apply the same template to the others and so on... You see the exact same supremacist mind virus destabilizing countries all over the world. This is some kind of spiritual pathogen. Aaron is just a lowly carrier, a mid boss at best... in stage 1. He has like 2 hp and 1 atk but his LIE spell is rapid fire.

Everything aaron is accusing me of is true of him. The Lab is grinding to a halt despite our best efforts. The vultures are ready to swoop in for the kill. Eric never gave me permission to do anything, not post a video, not to make a fundraiser, write an article, make a website ... nothing. I did it anyway and it worked, we are here. And now we see an army of vulture here screaming and waiting to move in for the kill.

If you guys want to stop this and save this mission. Speak up now. call Aaron out for the sociopathic greedy creature that he is. Do so or never complain again about amazing things not happening. I am willing to fight off an army of shills, mib's or whatever but no movement can withstand betrayal from within. Aaron won't stop until Epd Labs is destroyed and Aetherforce as well. He craves control like all true sociopaths.

Eric lost his labs before because bottom feeders got his ear and made him turn on those who actually cared, refer to Zinkys post above, he made the original Borderlands videos with Eric. Eric will lose this one as well unless we all speak up. Me, David,John and Dave have done everything we possibly can. But we are up against professional liars here. Eric knows electricity and aetheric science.... he does not know how to handle people and often trusts the very worst ones. In any venture letting the wrong people in is the very worst mistake and Eric has let in the very worst.

So let me make it clear. I am not doing this for Eric or anyone else. I am doing this to get to the truth. Eric helped guide me and all of us to the light. Now we need to guide Eric, as gifted as he is with aetheric science.. he is as poor with human relations, case in point his association with Aaron.

I can only do so much guys. I have a life. I cannot fight Eric's demons for him. Aaron is just a sad joke. All the key people leave here for another forum tomorrow and he is finished, just selling Ass water and optimizing his seo all day like a good little bean counter.

The words all over this thread tell the whole story. Take strong action. You don't slap a sociopath on the wrist. You shove your foot up his... and then you leave. Eric will follow and then we can build something awesome that will go far beyond greed. Our goal here is not to sell some ebooks and videos it is to bring real science back. Petty small minded greed be damned. Who you with Tesla.. or Morgan?

I began this journey because I wouldn't let another Tesla just wither away alone. Now We must all team up and protect what we have built from the lies of greedy petty minded "business men aka sociopaths" that threaten it. Time to man up again.

Aether Force | Tesla, Steinmetz, Alexandersson & Eric Dollard has a forum and soon it will be the best on the net, in design and content. I choose to assert my will here. Those who choose to help. Please do join us. Let's bring science back. I will stand by and fight along side any of my brothers and sisters till the very end. Sociopaths be damned.

As for the rest of you.... continue to strive for knowledge.. just remember.. to take a stand like a man should.