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Originally Posted by OrionLightShip View Post
In my youth, I had a boss/mentor that taught me a valuable lesson that applies here and for Eric’s sake and also for everyone else involved; I beg you to simply read this and then I will disappear into the woods again to care for my land, garden, and chickens. Much easier than keeping coyotes, I assure you.

One of my first jobs was working at a polyethylene plastics factory. I ran a compressor that transferred plastic pellets from huge silos and blew them into railroad cars for shipment. The second in command below my boss was known for practical jokes and I believe he changed what I had set up and when I switched my system on, nothing came out. When I checked, the silo valve was open and plastic was pouring out onto the ground. Thousand of pounds of Food Grade plastic for Tupperware reduced to scrap.

Because of the environment I was raised in, I thought my boss was going to kill me. Imagine my surprise when he, without even a hint of anger or disapproval, gave me this life changing philosophical treatise.
Accidents happen all the time. Assigning blame is a waste of time. The only thing that is important is finding out what happened and exactly how and why it happened and then using that information to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It changed my life and as well, if you have a brain; it should also impact your life and thinking.

I see pages of hot-headed, venomous, youthful immaturity. To what end? Fix the problems!

Whose guilty, whose to blame? Doesn’t matter. Eric is unhappy. Everyone should strive to make him happy right? Isn’t this about him? Isn’t it? If it isn’t then you are in wrong place and on the wrong thread.
Watching the ZeroFossilFuel video, I got the following impressions and I am not aware of the facts and perhaps I am drawing a conlusion here but didn’t I hear something about Eric having to install 11 miles of wire on poles in the desert? That is had to be done first because it was already paid for? Is that what the Indiegogo campaign was based on???? I am almost sixty and as healthy as a lifestyle I have, my body is racked with pain sometimes after working on a project. There is no way anyone can expect Eric Dollard to be climbing countless poles in Death Valley stringing wires. Who ridiculous idea was that?

See what I mean? Who cares who’s idea it was….fix it. Eliminate that horrible picture from Eric’s mind!
Find volunteers where Eric can supervise only or eliminate the project completely. The whole spirit of Indiegogo seems to have been compromised already according to some, so changing to an easier, fun project is not going to make donors unhappy. They donated to help Eric after all!

He shouldn’t be burdened to think like that. A genius only creates what he wants to create. He has to be happy to be creative! I know, my inventive mind shuts down if I am burdened by anything heavy looming in my future. When I lay down at night, everything in my life has to be in order for me to lay there in blissful contemplation and creativity.

Eliminate that issue. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. Eric needs to be completely free to do what Eric wants to do….PERIOD! Feed the Coyote or change channels….get it?

Ask someone for help. A completely independent third party with known integrity and values like EWizard, DrGreen, Smokey, or even ZeroFossilFuels. Someone who will maintain contact with Eric and make sure he is happy. Someone who could care less about making money from Eric’s work. Someone who will be transparent with the world at large and clean house without the drama and without assassinating the character of every single person concerned. Someone with the maturity to find the source of the problem and eliminate it once and for all instead of “giving rope” or “waiting for people to fall into a trap” or attaching horrible labels like "nefarious" onto multiple well meaning people. That sort of thing never solved a single problem.

Men sit down and have rational discussions to solve issues. Punks yell, scream, and accuse. So don’t be a punk…mmmmmmkay. Stop defending your position. Stop stroking your ego. Stop choking on false pride. Stop the aggression. Stop blathering on and on. Just stop!
Your only thought should be how can I help make Eric Dollard’s life a dream land of inspiration and hope. Then make it so!

Leave me alone, I got chickens to tend to.
Not replying to you Orion, just agreeing. Keep tending those chickens.

I agree the thought of Eric climbing poles to installing horizontal supports and
insulators so he can then hang wire makes me shake my head. What if he falls ?

He should have help, I admire his work ethic and I realize he is a safe worker
but there should at least be someone else there to "offside" for him and just
be there for reasons safety ect. Freak accidents happen.

He may want to do things himself so he knows things are done how he wants
them. Every Tradesperson building something should have an observing
assistant though for assisting and safety. Even if he must give them training first, I think he deserves some help.