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The Email 3

Here is the response from Ray, which showed me that he is willing to ignore the obvious facts and be combative in a way that goes contrary to Eric stating that he disapproves of that behavior. Ray doesn't give a damn about Eric, period. He does not care because he has his own agenda:

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: Stunt at ConferenceDate: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 04:18:58 +0200From: TecZ anon <>To: White Dragon Press <info@x>CC: DavidWebsterx . <>, John Polakowski <>, David Wittekind <>


I am appalled at your response.

You are without question the most unprofessional person I have come across in this scene and this is saying great deal. Your logic is also perverse and you have twisted the truth 180 degrees. David has proven to be a character of EXCEPTIONAL honesty and integrity. If you slander David Webster you slander all of us.

It is clear what you are attempting to do here and it is absolutely repugnant. Lying to the point where you accuse others of what you yourself are doing is whole heartedly disgusting. You will find David is not intimidated by your words nor are any of us.

Do not attempt to feign ignorance when you know exactly what you are doing. Your side of the story is without question the diametric opposite of what you say it is. I gave you the benefit of the doubt before with your outburst towards me but you have made your nature clear beyond a shadow of a doubt now.

Your shortsighted hunger for dollars is the epitome of the constant pattern of failure in this space. If it is one thing that I won't tolerate it is that. We are interested only in success and that demands integrity.

Your last words are perfect, except they apply to YOU. Everything you said about David Webster is true about YOU.
In summary Aaron, look in the mirror and read your own statement as it should be directed towards you in regards to my conference, "With that being said, I hope you will respect the operating decisions being made by organizations that you do not belong to and keep your suggestions to yourself should the situation ever arise again."



Unprofessional? What kind of idiot would believe that David's email to me was professional - insults and accusations, etc... and I'm supposed to be ok with that? They need to know exactly what the deal is so I told it to them in the letter I sent back. And mind you, this was all behind the scenes.

I have perverse logic? Webster is the one who disrespected all the conference organizers by going rogue and trying to get donations when I said from the beginning that anything dealing with my participation with Eric will go to the donations account. What part of that is hard to understand? It wasn't implied - I was very, very explicit about that desire.

Slandering David? I told him exactly what the facts are but you can see Ray's twisted perception of reality. Webster even admitted in this forum that he shouldn't have sent me the letter and admits that he made a bad assumption about being able to ask for money at the conference without permission.

What I am trying to do is repugnant? I'm the one "lying"? Pure moronic snake talk insanity. It was David's email that accused me of doing something, which he is the one that is guilt of doing it at the conference. Disrespecting the conference organizers and my wishes that no money from the conference will go to the lab.

More of Ray's mouth about David not being intimidated? No surprise since there is nothing in my letter that is intimidating in nature. I defended my position and stated the facts that are contrary to his imaginary assumptions about what happened.

Shortsighted hunger for dollars? I helped put quite a bit of money in Eric's hands by the end of the conference and Webster came along to take half of it away from him. They should have their own fund raising methods in place instead of having to leech off of Eric's personal money. I can guarantee if I was hungry for dollars that this "free energy" field would be the LAST thing I would ever choose to do. That is not a joke. I like to think I'm fairly proficient at what I do, but if I was hungry for dollars, I would become a stock broker or have some other career choice that would be completely meaningless to me. Virtually everything that I have been involved in during my adult life has revolved around being of service to others. If you want to talk about having a short sighted existence, read Ray's description of his motorcycle.

"epitome of the constant pattern of failure in this space. If it is one thing that I won't tolerate it is that. We are interested only in success and that demands integrity." - what a flaming crock of crap. Constant pattern of failure - look at their situation. Success and integrity? Again, they're broke and can't pay the rent so they come to the conference to take half of Eric's money away from him. Where is the integrity in that?

And with Ray's summary - more crap. It should be common sense by now that it was David who disrespected the conference organizers by asking for funds for EPD Labs without permission or discussion. Ray is a hypocrite and supports and condones the hypocritical actions of David.

I posted the email because David basically posted the contents with his SLANT on it... I want to show you what was actually said and in what context.

I'm still questioning David's comment that he thought it was ok to ask for donations for the lab since it was "implied" when I said they could have a table in the back if they asked for one. Well, they never requested to have any official presence at the conference so how could it have been implied??? David, that comment brings all of your integrity into question because by your statement you thought it was implied is manipulating people into believing that I somehow told you that you could have a table at the conference before you asked for donations when you know for a fact that this never took place. Again, very questionable David... what that you on your own or was it suggested by Ray? Very, very questionable of you David.

Remember to see what Eric's message to them was. David knows that that message did indeed come from Eric and was not made up by me.

So again, what does Eric say about the email David sent me and Ray's response to me calling me a liar, etc...?


So, with that being said, Ray, John P and David W completely ignore that when I posted the "nefarious elements" comment. They do not have any respect for what Eric's is saying. Eric did not approve of that behavior and me posting the comment that I did was not a reason do disregard what Eric said, which Ray and John P absolutely did with the lies, slanders and other made up trash about me manipulating Eric, etc... If they had any respect for Eric, they would have not responded and would have waited to talk to Eric about all of this. Ray takes it upon himself to determine what needs to be happen and Eric's opinions are irrelevant.
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