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The Email 2

Here is what I thought of David Webster's email and Ray's response - and read exactly what Eric thought about these emails to me:

-------- Original Message --------
Re: Stunt at Conference
Wed, 03 Jul 2013 13:58:06 -0700
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TecZ anon <>
DavidWebsterx . <>, John Polakowski <>, David Wittekind <>

David Webster,

You are completely out of line and have manipulated and distorted what my intentions are or were in addition to insulting me multiple times. If anyone is pulling a stunt at the conference, it was you. You can't walk into someone's conference and then solicit the paid attendees for money without having ever discussed it with myself or any of the other organizers. I would have gladly given you a table in the vendor's room without charge to give EPD Labs a presence. Not you, nor anyone else that you sent this email to, has ever said one single word to me about EPD Labs' participation at the conference. NOT ONCE!

I have one agreement and that is between Eric Dollard and I - it is NOT between EPD Labs and I. If you have such an arrangement in writing that was presented to me about EPD Labs doing something at the conference, please show it to me because I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm all for helping EPD Labs, but this one-sided message from you, which nobody ever asked for my perspective, it total and complete unadulterated BS!

For now David, after Eric called you and chewed your head off this morning, his message to all of you in regards to insulting me twice (accusing me of pulling a stunt and telling me to keep my suggestions to myself in such a condescending and bull**** manner) and lying about my intentions (claiming I was trying to direct donations away from EPD labs) is this... Eric says that he REGARDS THIS BEHAVIOR AS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND NO LONGER WANTS TO DO BUSINESS WITH ANY OF YOU WHO ARE A PART OF THIS.

@ Ray, you are responding to something that David said and you never bothered to ask for my side of the story.

For the time being, for further consideration by all of you, contemplate the fact that this email is the FIRST AND ONLY time I ever was made aware that you asked for donations for EPD Labs. I only heard the mention of something about being set up to take credit cards because I was distracted by someone talking to me. And the ONLY account that I had specifically told David Webster that will receive funds from the presentation and conference was the dollarddonations account and NOT EPD Labs. David was very clear on this as I was very explicit in this communication and to go contrary to this shows me that he is the one that has absolutely no respect for the chain of command and leadership of the conference...

David, someone is due an apology and it isn't you. This is the second time you jumped the gun with me without knowing what the whole story was. Your renegade actions are a liability to EPD Labs and everything that Eric does. You are going to piss off people who have mountains of resources that can help Eric because you don't know how to address your concerns discreetly - and they will withdraw support, thereby sabotaging potential finances, equipment, support, etc... all because you pop off at the mouth insulting people without knowing the whole story and without ever bothering to find out what it is!!!

Remember when I had a problem with not getting proper credit about the Indegogo campaign and I sent it to you to keep you in the loop because I trusted you, you thought I was talking to you and your response included the threat to tell Eric how "appalled" I was so that Eric would decide to not come to the conference. Your ego was bruised and you were willing to sabotage all the help and support that I could have (and actually have) provided to Eric so far. What's more important - your ego or EPD Labs? Evidentely, from two times now of you jumping the gun in this senseless manner, your ego is way more important to you than the mission at hand and honestly, you have no business being in business or being a part of an organization that is supposed to be generating money because you're going to piss everyone off and everyone will simply cut off support! How you cannot consider the consequences of how you communicate to others as a representative of EPD Labs escapes me to no end.

For everyone else, I didn't hear David mention EPD Labs so when I told people if they have cash they can give that to Eric - that is NOT an attempt to sabotage anything. When he mentioned taking credit cards, I thought it was for the dollarddonations account. IF I had heard him soliciting money from the audience for EPD Labs, I would have approached him after the break to discuss my concerns (and he had the SAME opportunity right there at the conference). I would have asked Eric if he wouldn't mind giving some to David then it would be between them two. I'm not looking at stepping on anyone's toes, but evidently, David is! I wouldn't have walked away with a bruised ego based on a misunderstanding and then turn around and send a chicken s*** letter to him while CC'ing it to the other conference organizers.

David, you have absolutely no comprehension whatsoever of what your mouth has just cost you - what you have lost out on that I was preparing specifically for you is dead, dead, dead - at least for you and I will offer it to one of my close friends who I know won't stab me in the back. There is a lot more I would like to add, but I will leave it alone for now...

In summary David, look in the mirror and read your own statement as it should be directed towards you in regards to my conference, "With that being said, I hope you will respect the operating decisions being made by organizations that you do not belong to and keep your suggestions to yourself should the situation ever arise again."



So you can see that the ending remark from David to me actually applies to him as he is the one who violated the operating decisions of the conference organizers - bypassing all permission or discussions and trying to get money for the lab when I said that was a no-no regarding Eric's participation at the conference, since that was Eric's personal deal with me and not with the lab in any way, shape or form.
Aaron Murakami