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About Ray

Originally Posted by jimm View Post
You may know what it is, or think that you do, but don't you agree that it would be better if they spelled it out in an official website?
The "lab" situation is clearly a mess. If he is to continue, drastic reforms need to happen yesterday!

All of this "Ray/Muhamed" stuff is a side issue which needs to be resolved within the Dollard camp.
I never got the vibe that Techzombie was a thug by reading his posts or blogs, but I never met him in person, I can't make head nor tails of the bickering, neither can anyone else , so you might as well stop
I must say your constant whining about him,Aaron, makes you seem petty.

It is Eric's responsibility to clean his "house" if that is what needs to be done.
In my original post I said that he didn't need a "keeper" and I'll bet that he would agree.

Website isn't necessarily needed but is helpful. But if you look at the overall gist of the picture that Ray has created is that the lab will birth all these Tesla technologies in order to save the world by having the heroes of the aetheric revolution lead the way. Sounds like a b-rated movie to me.

The mission statement given publicly should be what Eric says it is and not the circus act that Ray has turned it in to.

There are no side issues about Ray. He is a cancer to Eric and must be publicly exposed and ejected from all participation - hence Eric's Martian post.
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