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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Ray is the instigator here and John P has been promised something that is due to him in the future and this is why he is backing this - from what I can gather.
I have no idea what you are talking about here, but I would like to know!

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Ray and John P are LIARS and they are LYING to everyone here about who I am or what I'm doing.
What am I lying about that you keep referencing? Is that what you do when you can't refute facts? Call someone a liar to mitigate their argument? Its a pretty serious charge to call someone a liar in my book. So if your going to continue to do it you better back it up with some facts.

Because everyone here is reading it and reading your responses. And I would rather not stay on a forum where the moderator publicly accuses someone on a forum of being a liar and then refuses to state what it is they are lying about. There are a lot of key people here who would rather take their knowledge somewhere else if you're going to continue to throw insults.
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