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@David Webster 3

Now David, this statement of yours is simply not true: " I just thought it was implied because of one of our private message conversations where I was told by Aaron that we would be able to have our own table to take donations." I'll remind you of the actual course of events. I brought the table thing up with you by email AFTER you sent me that email with insults and accusations. That was NOT before the conference and I can send you a copy of the email thread if you wish to see it. I told you that if you wanted to represent EPD Labs, all you had to do was express that to me, I would have been more than happy to give you a free table in the vendor room. This conversation about the table was AFTER the conference - not before, so it could not have been implied that it was ok to solicit donations to the audience...again, the talk of the table was in response to your email to me AFTER the conference.

"Again, I take responsibility for my shortcomings in how I handled the situation between Aaron and myself, but I operate with pure intentions and those are to see Eric back in a fully functional laboratory." I can appreciate this and this would be consistent with who I thought you were.

"Eric called me the following day after I sent the email and was irate. I tried to explain to him the situation of the lab and the need for EPD Labs to have operating capital. I believe that Eric felt betrayed that I would have rather seen the money go into EPD Labs than into his pocket. I understand where he is coming from but also have to look at the reality of keeping the lab in good operating order. Nothing gets done if the power gets shut off..." -

Here is the first time you'll see the sequence of events... remember me calling you after the conference when you guys were getting Eric settled in the hotel room? Is that consistent AT ALL with someone who you are accusing of sabotaging your efforts? From my perspective, I thought everything was fine - was a great success in every way, was able to help Eric out in a way that he wasn't accustomed to and suddenly a couple nights later, I get that email from you... all I could think was "are you fricking kidding me???? Really???"

So the next morning, I immediately sent a text to my friend where he was staying to ask Eric to not spend the money he got from donations until he sees the email from you - seemed money was allocated to something I did not know about and didn't ask because it isn't my business. Because from your email, it was the very first time it was made known to me that you might have had some other agreement with Eric about the money, which I did not know about and didn't want to get in the way of anything. I know Eric needed it to buy tires for his car, etc.. but he needed to talk to you because it seemed you hadn't even talked to Eric about the money. That surprised me. From my perspective, not only are you not discussing anything with me, you're also not discussing it with Eric. So when I finally talked to Eric later, he said he had a certain type of conversation with you and did not approve of you sending that email to me on behalf of EPD Labs, which represents Eric Dollard, who at the time happens to be a guest at my home and my friend's home. Are you crazy???

Do you even realize how many thousands of pounds of test equipment, parts, rare transformers, etc... worth MANY thousands of dollars that I have put into Eric's hands for free? Do you realize your unnecessary and out of line email has the potential to jeopardize a lot of potential funding, equipment, parts, support and more? All because you had a misunderstanding of my intentions, blew it out of proportion, etc... Are you cognizant of the fact you reaction to imaginary scenarios is a complete liability to Eric and his organization?

A fact to all - John P is not to be trusted. I thought he was a hell of a guy when I met him and without him even knowing the facts, here he is with all this bs and slander against me. For a fact, he will blab privy information to others without reservation. You cannot trust him to honor any private communication. Just a warning to everyone.

David Webster - you are in that same category with John P on that issue apparently. When you have a conversation with someone, you should respect other people's privacy about what is being said. The only difference here is that instead of you causing trouble by lying about me like John P and Ray Savant are doing here, you are being level headed about it, but you need to learn to use discretion. I share certain things with you because I am led to believe that I can trust you but now I see that I was mistaken. I think that you may be trustworthy, but does it actually need to be asked of you to keep a conversation private each and every time someone talks to you?

Anyway David, you have been taken for a ride and I think everyone will see this soon. You have been used and manipulated and you can deny it all you want. Eric's trust in you will vanish if you continue to assist those that Eric doesn't want to have anything to do with and if decisions are made that run contrary to his wishes, he will vanish in to the bushes and EPD Labs will fall flat on its face. When the truth comes out, nobody will ever trust Ray or Wittekind and nobody will ever want to give them 1 single penny in donations. When the truth comes out, which it is coming, blabbering idiots insulting me here will be eating crow.
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