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@David Webster 2

And in that letter, you pontificate about the necessity to respect the chain of command of an organization that I do not belong to, etc..., which what you are *****ing at me about - you yourself have done at my organization, disrespecting any and all organizational hierarchy, bypassing it all and trying to solicit donations from the paid attendees. Do you know how incredibly hypocritical and stupid all that appears to as when I read that? And you, Ray, etc... think I'm out of line for jumping all over you for sending me that letter? Seriously David, if you can't see the light here buddy, you are seriously operating in a very dark fog.

" It seemed to me that it was a purposeful deflection (this being only my suspicion) of funds away from EPD Labs and into Eric's pocket." That is what you said in your post. SEEMED to you. I personally thought we were on pretty good rapport with each other. We've emailed and talked on the phone but not one single time at the end of the conference or afterward did you ever approach me with your concerns - and instead, you let it stir inside of you for a few days and then you send me a very condescending letter and hypocritical on top of it and look where it ended up.

Now a few people who have no official business with EPD Labs and who Eric wants absolutely nothing to do with are here calling me a liar and everything else under the sun because you were irresistibly compelled to "tell me how it is" - when you were blind to the whole thing.

"it seemed to me like to appropriate place to funnel the money would be into the bank account of the nonprofit organization" - that is what you said - again, it SEEMED to you. You keep taking it upon yourself to decide how things were with no conversation about it with anyone who needs to know. For the conference, there are 2 people of high significance when it comes to Eric's involvement with the conference and that Eric and I - that's it! 2 people that you have EASY access to communicate anything you want.

When I asked people to give cash directly to Eric, I was fulfilling my promise that money from the conference would not go to EPD Labs and that this was Eric's personal deal. If you need to get money from Eric, that is your business with him - I don't need to be involved in that.

And on top of this, I made it abundantly clear to you on several occassions that any money made for Eric that I am involved in is to go to Eric and not EPD Labs.

Why does that theme keep coming up? Because Eric's feelings about Ray, etc... existed PRIOR to him ever coming here so with Ray and John P popping off at the mouth how I am manipulating Eric is pure unadulterated garbage. Ray is the instigator here and John P has been promised something that is due to him in the future and this is why he is backing this - from what I can gather.

Claiming that I'm somehow trying to put Eric against them is nothing but pure low life trash coming from people who know damn well that the way Eric feels about them has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. My only involvement with Eric's pre-existing feelings about them is to agree with him, first Eric's and from other people's testimonials and now I can say without a shadow of a doubt based on EMPIRICLE evidence is that Eric has been 100% CORRECT and all his claims are 100% JUSTIFIED!

It is just sad that YOU don't see what is really going on. You think you know all the details but you actually don't and you haven't gotten the full story from EVERYONE who is significant in this matter but one of them will come forward soon.

Let's address this: you say - "After I made the announcement, Aaron chimed in and said "Or you could just give cash to Eric." This didn't quite sit well with me because I had been informed by an anonymous person that Aaron didn't trust what was going on in EPD Labs." Didn't sit with you well? First the anonymous person I know who that is. Second of all, I DIRECTLY told you personally that I didn't trust what was going on in EPD Labs. Why would you put this off on someone else who is deceived in their anonymity when I directly told you the same thing. Don't obscure the simple truth David - I told you personally and this is the entire reason you agreed to receive the funds from me directly through the donation account and NOT directly to EPD Labs. You act as if it was some mystery! I TOLD YOU DIRECTLY.

Once money is in the donations account, it can at least be spent at your discretion and not at the discretion of other people. You seem to suddenly have a bad memory. You even told me personally on the phone - "we do vote on what money gets spent on so there is a sort of checks and balances". Geee - why in the world would you be telling me that on the phone - just for fun or because the trust issue between Eric and Ray, Wittekind had ALREADY existed or are you going to continue the charade that suddenly I'm here trying to to put Eric against those guys when you know damn well that that distrust was ALREADY AN ISSUE that had absolutely nothing to do with me or my involvement with Eric? Ray and John P are LIARS and they are LYING to everyone here about who I am or what I'm doing.

" Let it be known that all purchases are agreed upon by the EPD Labs Board of Directors on which Eric has a seat. No money spending decisions are made without his knowledge and agreement." This is what you claim and this is supposed to be the obvious case. But LET IT BE KNOWN that these guys are operating on their own accord on other organizational matters WITHOUT the knowledge or consent of Eric Dollard. Obviously certain positions have certain tasks that each person is supposed to handle in a competent manner, but that is not what I'm talking about. I have already given a few examples.

"I should have addressed the problem there in person but didn't. That was my fault and a bad decision. Instead I wrote and email to Aaron in which I had an annoyed tone. " - CORRECT

" Aaron came back at me with an extremely upset email accusing me of soliciting paid attendees at the conference for donations and that I was out of line for doing so. He asked me to respect the decisions of organizations that I didn't belong to. I thought that this was fair since nowhere was it explicitly stated that taking donations for EPD Labs would be permitted. I just thought it was implied because of one of our private message conversations where I was told by Aaron that we would be able to have our own table to take donations." - To clarify, it was your condescending letter as I mentioned before that you were telling me to respect the decisions of EPD Labs, etc... and to respect the chain of command, leadership, etc... when in fact it was you who violated that entire string of logic at my conference. CORRECT?

So when I snapped at you for your letter and Ray pops off calling me a liar, etc... you can see he is completely out of line and is completely delusional about the entire affair that he can't see straight. He needs to back off and keep his mouth to himself in matters that don't concern him. All he did was feed the fire that you started. How he can think he can do that and actually be helpful is beyond words. It cannot be stated too many times, Eric wants Ray to immediately disengage in 100% of every activity dealing with EPD Labs and Eric's work and all the aetheric revolution crap has to stop too. That is not what Eric is about and he does not approve of any of it.

Eric has been put in a position where he feels that he has no recourse against anyone doing things in his name without his approval. I really think you need to take that to heart David and realize that what Eric wants is important and should be respected and if Eric doesn't want certain people to be involved in the organization and he is very adamant about it that as an organization, that is named after him after all, should be respectful of that. Doing anything contrary to that is an obvious sign that certain people have their own agenda and it is in direct opposition to what Eric wants.
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