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Originally Posted by Ann-ticipatingSuccess View Post
I'm interested in Matrix Energetics but they don't have any seminars close to me. I wish folks would remember that those of us in the center of the country like to learn, too!

I am very interested to know if you can actually learn to do ME from the book or if it is just *about* ME and doesn't really teach you how to do it. I know learning from a book wouldn't be as good as a seminar, but if I can learn it from the book then I'll order it.

Am looking forward to hearing from all of you who will be reading it!

Hi Ann,

I have been reading the ME forum 10 or 20 pages at a time and the book comes up quite often - it was released, I believe, in early April 2007. It sounds like it teaches the basics of the two-point technique but that at this point they do not have any good replacement for actually being at the seminar. This seems to be because of the 'set up' they do in the environment of the seminar, and the very important hands-on that you observe and which begins to 'convince' you that you can do all of what they teach...and so much more.

The small steps of acknowledging your true power lead to a knowingness that even bigger and better things are possible. Out of the field of infinite, seeming random possibilities, comes the ability to have 'weighted probabilities' that will manifest into consciousness-determined 'reality'.

All of us here on this site are likely aware of the ideas shared in The Secret, or movies like What the Bleep, yet ME is a practical 'hands on' lol, application that goes far beyond merely attempting to be in a positive, visualizing, gratitude-filled pose to allow manifestation. ME is like dipping right into the quantum soup, with more than the sky being the limit, to playing with the stuff of the universe and altering matter on a macro scale, not just the tiny scale of the double slit experiment.


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