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Trials and Tribulations of the Coyote in my Home

About 6-7 weeks ago, I was first put in touch with Eric Dollard in order to discuss his participation in the recent conference. We had planned on him coming up to spend a week at my home for him to draft up his presentation out line. After the date was set and the general itinerary was planned, the Coyote left the dessert and followed his voodoo, which landed him in Spokane at the exact time as planned.

I drove to the meeting location to meet the legend himself, in person, for the very first time. We sat around the table at my friend’s café and freaked out a handful of the customers sitting around us with the lively and detailed conversation about Eric’s trip, our interests and world affairs. We had a good ol time.

Afterward, Eric followed me in his famous Toyota Corolla with the “free energy fusebox” all the way to my house with no place to setup camp. The Coyote kept wanting to run off and was hard to contain but nobody got bit, so that was good!

In between the technical discussions and fish stories, we worked on the book. The powerpoint presentation came first and I really wasn’t looking forward to being the one to put that together. The four-quadrant theory has always been a mystery to me seeing that my background is not in electrical engineering or mathematics so as intimidating as the project seemed, I jumped right in.

Fortunately, Eric knew exactly what he wanted in the powerpoint and in what sequence – at least enough to make the general outline for him to scurry back into the bush in order to start writing out his talk. While building the powerpoint, I was able to get more of a picture of what the four-quadrant theory was about. This talk was meant to bridge the gap a bit for the non-technical person since the other papers on the subject are strictly technical in nature – but this one included many simple analogies about moon phases and other things that the average person can relate to.
While Eric was writing his notes, it turned into a book – the fastest one he ever wrote. And, he did it in just a few weeks. We kept in touch off and on while he back in his hole at Lone Pine and we sent up a time for him to come back up so we could make the final revisions to the powerpoint.

On the day we had planned on meeting, my spidey-senses told me that I should head down to the location earlier than I had planned on meeting and Eric’s voodoo landed him there to the minute. It was an amazing synchronicity. Coyotes don’t need maps or clocks, they just follow their instincts.

We had another lively discussion in the café while freaking out a few more people and then we headed up to my home for some more work on the presentation. We finished up the powerpoint and by this time, Eric had already discarded about 500 pages of notes, which he regarded as obsolete because during the outlining phase for the presentation, it had already advanced and took on a life of its own.

What we were left with is a powerpoint with the historical sequence of events relating to the mathematics, how that evolved into the four-quadrant system along with plenty of analogies and other examples that makes it make sense for a lot more people than it did before.

What Eric also had besides the powerpoint was a book of notes for the presentation and enough material, which is literally a book that stands on its own even without the presentation. Other than my home, Eric enjoyed staying out at my friend Jeff’s home which was more out in the sticks – just where Eric likes to be.

While he was there in the outer skirts of Spokane, he wrote another few hundred pages, which is part of the book.

So, the first day of the conference, we went out to check out the place with a bit of setting up. Eric was busy talking with a friend and I was attending to conference business. As people were piling into the building, Eric’s group of spectators standing around him grew like a cloud of mosquitoes.

On Saturday, Mark McKay brought out his replication of Eric’s experiment from back in the late 80’s to early 90’s, which consisted of a pulse generator and some antenna coils with a light bulb in between. Mark had some issues getting it to work and Eric got busy working his magic. After a while, it was working!

I didn’t understand what the point of the experiment was until later, but what we all witnessed was something that demonstrated the reality to Tesla’s “Radiant Matter.” By simply holding up a high voltage capacitor in mid air in front of the light bulb between the antennas, it charged up to over 5000 volts.

Not only did the capacitor charge, you could feel the pressure emanating from the light bulb – that was the radiant matter emission that Tesla talked about. Eric was intercepting the radiant matter with his fingers and charged himself up to 5000 volts – all without getting “shocked”.

This was the first known replication of Eric’s experiments on this particular setup, which he demonstrated years ago in the Borderland videos. But what is shocking to Eric is how many years have passed before someone finally did it!

All the information necessary to build your own will be available in the near future with pictures, schematics, descriptions, etc… so stay tuned for that and much more.

On Sunday, we had to skip the panel discussion and went straight to Eric’s talk – Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity. And again, what is different about this presentation compared to the older Four Quadrant papers is that there is the history included that leads up to the development of it with simple analogies to help bridge the gap between the non-engineer or mathematician and this theory.

This particular presentation will be available on video in the next couple weeks and within a couple months from that, the complete presentation in book form will be available. The book will include the mathematics that wasn’t given in the talk.

During Eric’s presentation, it was exciting to see so many people sitting on the edge of their chair for the next piece and the next piece and after the last slide, the applause was absolutely moving. Following the presentation was about a half an hour of Q & A from the audience.

Many of those questions were somewhat related indirectly to the talk, but there were many general questions that many people had wanted to ask Eric for years. The Q & A might as well be a separate presentation on its own. There was some very interesting stories that Eric shared in regards to what was being asked including his experiences with large power generators doing things on the power company’s lines that aren’t “supposed” to be possible. All of this will be included at the end of the video presentation.

After the conference quite a few people were so thrilled with what Eric was sharing that they gave generously to his cause. And over a few days, something transpired that now has him snapping like a rapid Coyote. And, this brings up the whole deal that we are all too familiar with in the life of Eric Dollard. The same old story where everyone trying to “help” him out is really appears to be helping themselves to Eric Dollard.

Now, I’ve heard these stories over the years and didn’t have any reason to believe or not believe it, but I do understand these kinds of things happen. Well, let me tell you… I’m pretty fricking speechless because I’m in the middle of it with not just being a witness, but suddenly I find myself being attacked by what appears to be some nefarious elements pretending to help Eric. Now the Coyote wants to run to the bushes and hide forever and this situation needs to be corrected and needs to be corrected now.

Personally, I’m not really known to be someone that rolls over like a dog and pees on itself when this kind of thing happens and because of what happened, I’m inclined to start snapping like a rapid dog myself.

As much as I want to go into the details on this dog and pony show that has recently latched itself onto Eric Dollard and his potential laboratory operation, I’ll let that be for now, but this is to act a serious warning to the perpetrators that the end of their BS is near. We can’t let Eric get screwed again.
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