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Originally Posted by grace11 View Post
Hi I came across this forum while searching for answers about the pain i am experiencing. Its really old so i dont know if you will ever see this but any advice would be so mazing. Ive been dealing with this for so long and fee llike im doing it all alone. I had googles chinese medicine right arm and i saw this forum with your mame, which is the same as mine, so it seemed like maybe it could be a sign.
I am only 22 years old and for as long as I can remember my riight side is all messed up. Just really aching pain. some onthe left side too, but most on the right. it feels so emotional like sadness and almost paralyzing dull sometimes a bit sharper. The most intense is all the way down my neck to my hand and my front right shoulder and chest. Headaches is the back of my head and behind my eyes. It feels like its related to love and giving/recieving. I dont know, i have really overanalyzed it all and honestly made it worse and worse. I will be so amazingly grateful for any insights you may have. Thanks for all you do it seems like alot of really wonderful things!
Hi Grace!

I make Group energetic corrections every morning and evening for all the people that view and/or have viewed this Chinese Energetic Medicine page. I make individual CEM corrections for the people that post requests. I know you have been receiving the Group corrections since you posted, but it wasn't till today that I realized you had posted a request. So I have made the necessary individual corrections for you now.

One of the biggest issues I muscle tested and corrected for you was the belief that it takes 60-70 decades for healing. For your Emotional Body I made corrections for eliminating Confusion, Confusion <-> Anger, frustration <-> Anger, Frustration, Confusion <-> Sadness, and Anger <-> Sadness, and many other secondary emotions such as inflexibility/rigidity, exhaustion, perfectionism, dependent, and despairs.

For your Psychic and Spiritual Bodies, I made corrections for "inability to help someone that is suffering." "A psychic connection to a relative in another time and space that is suffering." "Tuning into ancestral spirits in certain locations."

CEM corrections were also made for you on the Macrocosmic Energy Fields: Cosmic Energy, and Universal/creative intelligence energy. Miscellaneous Issues were, Foreign/alien implants/future human. Merging body parts, entities, Laser surgery, Spells, Parasites from past lives, and last but not least Dead influences.

We are immense beings infinitely within and infinitely without. And we are all connected, unified and ONE! So don't allow these issues that I corrected concern you in anyway anymore. Also I highly recommend that you view the Movie by Quantum Physicist Nassim Haramein called The Black Whole. It will raise your consciousness and increase your faith in your true nature. Here is the link:

Link to the Movie the Black Whole

Thank you so much for your Faith in me and Chinese Energetic Medicine.

For a private session with me go to:

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