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45:XXXIII CIRCUMLOCUTIONS.--"Every time you find in our books a tale, the reality of which seems impossible, a story which repugnant both to reason and common sense, then be sure that tale contains a profound allegory veiling a deeply mysterious truth; and the greater the absurdity of the letter the deeper the wisdom of the spirit." RABBI MOSES MAIMONIDES.


Alche = Arche as in

Genesis 1:3 And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.

49:XXXVI EXALT THE ELEMENT OF FIRE.--Constant aspiration, and desire to know God's Law liberates in man that Force which is a Living Flame, and which acts under the direction of the God in man, and with or without the conscious effort of the finite mind. This Fire, once liberated, begins immediately to displace the sluggish nervous force and to open and perfect those nerve centres or minor brains, atrophied from disuse, and which when regenerated reveal to man superphysical states of consciousness and knowledge of his lost Sovereignty over Nature.

The Solar Force manifests on the physical plane by passing through the ganglia of the sympathetic nervous system and thence up the spine to the brain where its currents unite to build up the deathless Solar or Spiritual Body. In its passage from one ganglion to another its voltage is raised, and it awakens and is augmented by the power peculiar to each ganglion which it dominates. p. 52 These ganglia or centres are the "concave mirrors whose property it is to concentrate the Fire of the World or Solar Force. In the cerebro spinal system there are many centres awaiting regeneration. Hence the spinal cord is the relaxed string whose pitch must be raised by the exaltation of the Element of Fire which is in us.

Knowledge as to the development of this Force has been sacredly guarded in all ages lest man, through ignorance, should employ it to his destruction. That soul who will renounce all personal ambition, and will seek by selfless service of his fellow beings to obey the Divine Spirit within may, without external teaching or assistance, evoke this Flame and achieve unaided a knowledge of Nature's secrets and mysteries. But unless governed by the God within, and with selfless purpose this Fire will intensify the lower passions and make the man a destructive force working contrary to the Law of Nature.

He who seeks divine knowledge will surely find it for the Divinity in man ever strives to render unto him his lost birthright. No sincere effort to solve God's Mystery passes unheeded by the Silent Watcher within.

Comte de Gabalis: Discourse II

The Paraclete or Super Solar Force (The Force of the Sun behind the Sun), Solar Force (the Force of the Sun), and Lunar Force (the Force of the Moon) are all termed Solar Force in this book.

"The material of the Philosopher's Stone is nothing else but Sun and Moon." PARACELSUS.

"The Sun and the Moon are the roots of this Art." HERMES TRISMEGISTUS.

Posting for GnoseBob: Silent Sound (Infrasound) Can Make You Physically Ill

Deadly Sounds - Dr. Vladimir Gavreau

Both solar flares and the normal thrummings of the solar wind generate infrasonic pulses throughout the atmosphere. The infrasonic shockwaves of the aurora are normally not heard, but definitely sensed. Measurements have registered a continual infrasonic background noise level. This pressure energy emanates "from above" atmospheric strata, radiating downward in large patterns.

Atmospheric infrasound is most strongly measured during daytime hours, a clear indication of their source in the intermittent expulsions of solar wind. Atmospheric infrasounds arrive at measuring stations with pitch between 0.67 and 1.5 cycles per second. Their pitch continuously oscillates between 0.67 and 0.83 cycles per second. These solar sourced infrasonic impacts very definitely correlate with sudden swings in human behavior, having very obvious sociological implications. The energetic content of atmospheric infrasound represents a vast and untapped potential........ see also : The Solar Storm and Aurora of January 25, 1938
see also : The Hum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ......


Geomagnetically induced current - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Geomagnetically induced currents (GIC), affecting the normal operation of long electrical conductor systems, are a manifestation at ground level of space weather. During space weather events, electric currents in the magnetosphere and ionosphere experience large variations, which manifest also in the Earth's magnetic field. These variations induce currents (GIC) in conductors operated on the surface of Earth. Electric transmission grids and buried pipelines are common examples of such conductor systems. GIC can cause problems, such as increased corrosion of pipeline steel and damaged high-voltage power transformers. GIC are one possible consequence of geomagnetic storms, which may also affect geophysical exploration surveys and oil and gas drilling operations.
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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