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now for some

FATEMAG.COM » Blog Archive » Investigating the Paranormal: The Anomaly Wore Plaid

For me, the very essence of the strange and unknown boils down to encounters between man and mystery, without the baggage of belief. Some of us have seen the windmill blink. We will never be the same.

As if ghosts, bedroom phantoms, enigmatic visitors, and Bigfoot were not weird enough on their own, what are we to make of encounters where these same anomalies dress in plaid or checkered fabrics? We define plaid or checkered here as any fabric with stripes or bars of various colors and widths that cross at right angles. A true plaid has the same pattern when you rotate it ninety degrees.

Try plugging the word “ghost” along with “plaid shirt” or “checkered shirt” into your favorite Internet search engine. “Ghosts-in-plaid” also nets interesting results. You will receive an immediate embarrassment of online riches.

flunkch ....... ..... ..... Why Do Mermen Get The Short End Of The Trident In The Public Eye? | Mysterious Universe

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JESUS’ USE OF PARABOLIC METHOD OF TEACHING (Matthew 13:10-17, 34-35, 51-52)
by Pastor Udo Mueller Junior

Even the disciples were surprised on that day in Capernaum, by the Sea of Galilee, when Jesus spoke the series of parables recorded in Matthew 13. They learned that there is more to parabolic teaching than a story. And the aim of this study and discussion is to explain Jesus’ use of Parabolic Method of Teaching’-use-o...d-of-teaching/.
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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