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The Intention makes the Difference

“When a real lover of God enters a tavern, he sees a holy place. When a sot enters a tavern, he sees a drinking place. Whatever we do, it is the intention that makes the difference, not the appearance or the label.” Shams Tabrizi -

Baby Huey - Running - YouTube

“Love is a travel. All travelers whether they want or not are changed. No one can travel into love and remain the same.”

Shams Tabrizi -

Baby Huey - Mighty Mighty - YouTube

“We can only learn and advance with contradictions. The faithful inside should meet the doubtful. The doubtful should meet the faithful. Human slowly advances and becomes mature when he accepts his contradictions.”

Shams Tabrizi -

See more at: Shams Tabrizi Quotes
“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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