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Originally Posted by wantomake View Post
Thanks so much,
That is strangest effect I've seen from any battery. I only had it on the fan radiant charger for 4 days and it's an old battery(dated 2009). So I'm leaving very soon for Japan and thought to leave it charging for a week. Don't worry my son-in-law will disconnect it for me. Should I charge longer than a week?

We are trying to learn more about crystallizing and drawing energy from aether on the "3 Battery Generating System" thread. (Aaron: hope ok to mention other threads on a different thread.) Thanks I'll research back and find where you talk about the clock.

As a student and fan of all the good teachers here on energeticforum, your help and open heart is greatly appreciated.
Charge length is depending on the battery. It is always important to closely monitor any battery on the charger because you can never predict how it will react. We have exploded button cells by just leaving them on for just 40 seconds. And a few D size batteries leave quite a mess when left overnight. 12volts I have left on for over a week with no problems. it actually kept decrystalizing car batteries. Always wear protection over your eyes and if you leave it on for a long period of time make sure there is someone to keep a eye on it. good luck
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