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Mmmm tasty bullet :P

Yes, I bit the bullet and signed up for the soonest, closest seminar in Seattle, early June!!! I went for both level I and II.

Its quite a jaunt (about 12 hrs by car, and one border to cross) for me, but I know that I MUST go and do this! The rabbit hole has turned into a teflon-coated vertical slide and I would not stop or climb back out even if I could!!

For all my searching for a 'healing' modality (ME is not healing though lol) that felt right to me, this is the first one to just blow me away and resonate deep inside.

If any other ESM'ers are thinking of going, let me know - they have block-booked rooms (two-bed) for this seminar and a free shuttle to go to where the seminar actually takes place.

My book will be in shortly which will be devoured in no time flat!

Thank you Moria for posting the original message and link about this phenomenal teaching *muah*!


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