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Hello to All,

I have a question.

I did replicate the Imhotep radiant charger a while back and been using it often. So I have a badly sulfated riding lawnmower battery with standing voltage of 0.0. Connected it to the Imhotep charger for 4 days . The voltage went up to 11.67 standing volts. I did test it with (2)DC 50 watt bulbs and the voltage dropped slowly then returned slowly and this is a good sign.

I placed it on a Black and Decker smart charger for 5 minutes, but it read "FO3" this is code for open cell. I reached over and pulled the plug out of the wall 110 ac with the charger still connected to the battery. The B&D kept running for 2 minutes and the battery voltage dropped to 11.61 volts. Then the charger finally shut off and the battery voltage returned to 11.67 volts.

What?? Is this normal? I set a marine 100 amp hour 12.07 volt battery behind the B&D charger. Connected the charged for 5 minutes. Then pulled the plug with the charger still connected, but, it stopped immediately as it should.
Had to try this several times and got the same results.

Is this normal for a Imhotep charged battery?
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