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Smile PATHS Mood Elevation Module

I was talking to a customer today about the PATHS Mood Elevation module. The conversation stirred up quite a few experiences some of my customers have had, and research I have done, and I thought I would share a bit here.

The Mood Elevation module is one of the most radically beneficial modules that PATHS offers.

Most mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, etc) are traditionally traced to a lack of serotonin, or an insensitivity to it. (there are scads of references on the web to this, Wikipedia is a good reference tool)

Allopathic medicine cannot give a person serotonin, nor can it make what serotonin a person has work better (without some serious "side-effects").

The nice thing about the Mood Elevation module is that it puts the individuals serotonin production and utilization levels at the optimum, or healthy level.

But there is more to it than that. The Mood Elevation module addresses all hormonal and chemical levels and puts them at the optimum, not just serotonin.

Here are a few powerful things to know:
  • Mood disorders can be a result of a genetic predisposition

  • Mood disorders can be the result of a "negative spiral" that was triggered by a traumatic event
  • If one is in a negative spiral, they can usually use the Mood Elevation module for 3-4 months and break out of the spiral and not have to use it anymore.
  • If one is genetically predisposed to produce a less than optimum balance of hormones and brain chemicals, then they will probably have to continue to use the Mood Elevation module to continue experiencing benefits.

  • Bipolar is also known as Manic Depression.

  • Most people (who complain) are on the depression side most of the time. The Mood Elevation will help them and they will like it! This is because it will balance them out and their mood will be elevated!
  • Those who are on the manic (high flying) side tend to complain less. Although the people around them might now like it so
    The Mood Elevation will help them too, but chances are VERY STRONG that they will NOT like it. This is because it will balance them out and they will actually feel depressed (relatively speaking)-because they are no longer manic. The fact is that they are much more healthy, and those around them are much more comfortable. HOWEVER, you will find that most of them will not stick with it...they simply do not want to be "down", they like flying high!

  • A strong "Type A personality" will experience the same let down, and therefore will NOT like the mood elevation module.

I am NOT a medical doctor, I give no advice whatsoever about medications, nor do I recommend anyone do anything that contradicts what their health care professionals tell them to do. (doncha just love our current legal climate? )

I have had many of my PATHS customers, who were using different antidepressants, start using the Mood Elevation module and end up feeling so good that they are no longer taking their medication, and they are feeling MUCH MUCH better! They were all diagnosed with either Depression or Bipolar.

Here is a testimonial of one of my customers that can be seen on the Testimonial page on the PATHS website.

I have been plagued by depression for more years than I want to think about. I have suffered, those around me have suffered. Nothing ever seemed to get better.

The different prescriptions only dulled things and made me more lethargic, then I would quit taking them and feel better for awhile and then crash.

A couple of months ago my boyfriend convinced me to give the PATHS depression module a try. I did so out of desperation not to lose him.

What a difference! Within the first week I was feeling much better, during the second month I realized that I felt better than I had in years!

I do not know how you do it, sitting 6 minutes a week watching the Theater presentation has made all the difference in being able to deal with stresses that before I just ran away from.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please do not ever stop with this.

Hope this was helpful!

Have Fun!

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