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hello all

yes i was very touched by your post Jamie......i have just started the positive atittude and vitality mod about two days ago, and have been on mood elevation for two months not sure what is working right now, cuz three out of four are new (staying on mood elevation for a while yet) but i feel pretty Amazing though....Excited on experiencing these new ones...cheers

mood elevation
insight and intuition
positive attitude and vitality
phase 2 living sucessfully ya all, cheers
PS. k, definitly experiencing something cuz i am feeling sooooooooo, much love towards everyone and not shy to express myself on this day of posting...well i mean openly on a public forum...

Holy cow, and then Pamela came into my head, cuz i feel like what i read coming out of her....and Pamela you are Fabulouse...*must be a LEO word*

peace, love and so much GRATITUDE......Adrienne
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