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Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part3 - YouTube
Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part3 - YouTube

I do apologize taking stand in this section but I strongly believe that this is the right direction to go.

You expect NEWS and I have news and the best of all NO SECRETS

new development:
Quote from: x_name41 on Today at 05:31:11 PM
hello stivep and congratulations for your successful experiment, but would you explain is there a some connection between your conception and that of the Andrea Rossi and his reactor of cold nuclear fusion?, thanks in advance!
The Magic of Mr. Rossi
The Magic of Mr. Rossi - YouTube

Yes I see connection between Andrea Rossi and my experiment.
Andrea Rossi stays about secret ingredient additive for his device to work
Andrea Rossi use aluminium foil around his device- from the perspective of Calorimetry in terms of heat conservation, this foil is a joke so what would be another reason to use aluminium foil well resaonable suspicion would be Beta radiation.
By that token if say compound (substance) is non radioactive that Colman 1956 would be explanation for it .............
because Rossi and original patent of Edison in my video Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part 3 shows nickel as part of compound used by Hendershot.
Colman does not use Nickel - different method of extraction -that is only what you looking for essence of it.
And I have seen it as early version of Hendershot later Colman stating that 110V at 10A= 1.1kW for 30 milligrams only!!
is to be extracted from glass tube of 5mm inside diameter and 45mm long with assuming 14 layers of compound
If cobalt is one of initiators of this process along with phosphates (phosphorus based)
Than if it happened that we take Coleman heat eruption ( not utilized by Colman) as factor of Rossi process but triggered by Beta radiation than we have answer to Andrea Rossi secret.
Worse it comes that if the secret additive will be proven as not included in the patent than he is in trouble.

But maybe he hided secret ingredient being afraid that before he gets big money his patent will be in denial by the reason to Colman priority rights.

By analyzing Rossi and Colman we might see just different way of extracting energy
That explain different structure and different additives to the compound
For Rossi Temperature is dominating factor.


Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze

Recent edition that might help to identify not only Rossi but TK as well
There you go - here is your Beta radiation supported by evidence of aluminium foil used to stop it.
look at video link you will find it.
in overunity forum I added 3 pictures:
first picture is ludlum from ebay
the two last are Rossi toys.
I hate to ruin anyone business but
It looks like Rossi will have problem with money earning
by patent rights priority of Colman.


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