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Revolution has begun : Free Energy exposed part2

Revolution has begun : Free Energy exposed part2 - YouTube

Revolution has begun : Free Energy exposed

Revolution Has Begun : Free Energy exposed.swf - YouTube

True working repeatable device original patent of Colman from 1956
using 100% non radioactive compound in 45mm lonf glass tube and 5mm diameter inside.

That puts new light to my Lithuania experiment wher Aidas Arunas and I Wesley have been extracting electrical energy of subsequently 60, 150, 600 and 1 kW of power.

The secret of replication yoke device is NOT enough power was delivered to activate yoke.

I have successively validated Colman patent and
There is need only for 25W or more at 70cm band from cheap ham radio transmitter.
Composition if 30miligrams of compound is in original patent.

Supporting material is also included in
1 Army 1988 ferrite transmutation experiment
Institute for Exploratory Research, US Army Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth, N.J. 07703, U.S.A.
Received 22 December 1969. Available online 6 May 2004
due to secrecy act
Examples Ferrite replacement of metal compound in within the ferrite by ion caused by FREQUENCY!!!!!
at the same time energy level of ferrite has changed. everything is done by changing frequency of oscillation. - Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids - Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of Mn55 in the Mn substituted hexagonal ferrite Ba2Zn2-xFe12-yMnx+yO22

2.Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer effect
3.PowerPedia:BetaVoltaic - PESWiki
Army Research Lab did betavoltaic testing in 1954 using dissimilar metals. In one device not much larger than a car battery they were successful in achieving a 70 watt output
4.Betavoltaics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The device works
Based on eveidence I see direct connection to John Hutchison transmutation and antigravity experiment as both uses source of power.
and Dr Judy Wood revelation to 9/11

The technology does not contaminate and lives no trace after energy level is balanced.
Based on my personal opinion is safer than your home microwave.
And all it needs is proper enclosure


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