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The Real McCoy

Originally Posted by Mario View Post
Hi Peter,

thank you for all this information, very well and precisely explained! I have one question about the "McCoy" discharge. I have done many cap dump tests over the last years, what is the benefit of discharging 100V versus the preferred method? I could never see the benefit of that?

Hey Mario,

Thanks for your support. I'm glad you found the book valuable. Like you said, you tried it and didn't see the benefit. John tried every variation he could think of, looking for the one that would work the best. Discharging small caps from high voltage did charge the battery, but it didn't work that well. There had been a bit of mystery about "The Real McCoy" machine so I took the opportunity to help clear that up. The point of reporting it in the book is that John built real machines that used that method and tested them.

Hope that helps.

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