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hi there
I am now 1 month on path and other then incredible dreams in the 1 st
week I felt nothing [they took the sleep module off and I slept fine]
well last week I found out that I have chronic candida and so I am not surprised that a lot of healing devices did not work for me
now here is a question for aaron
I am not supposed to take spirulina when I have candida [thinking about
that I have taken tons of supplements and spend a lot of money to feed
the yeast and parasites]
what else is there then for my brain?
I changed my modules from moodelevation, successfull living and stimulate intuition to candida balance, eat right and improve thyroid.
symptoms are at times so severe that I am thinking of doing the turpentine
protocol. Anybody has heard of it?
Please don't tell me to go on a candida diet, with the cravings I have and
depressing mood there is no way I would be able to do that
thanks for all the info I can get
also I started the meditation, I assume it works just with the CD and headphones or do I need the visual from the theater
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