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Hi sean, thanks for the reply.
As far as charging, usually just check the volt meter every hour or so, since prior charges have shown generally what to expect time wise, though this could vary, if charging old sulfated cells.
As far as the alkaline type of cells, if they have been discharged already and haven't been sitting around too long, they will take a charge very well.
As far as nimh, etc., they will also take a charge very well, as long as they have not been sitting around too long in a discharged state.
Then yes, if a cell is sulfated, they will need to be cycled a few times at least.
This is usually seen with the cell showing higher than normal voltage when charging, then it starts to gradually drop back down to a more normal level, because the cell has a higher resistance with the corrosion.
Hope that helps for now.
peace love light
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