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Thank You!

Rhozzi, Jamie and Sallyjane for the lovely comments about my tulip painting!

I LOVE tulips! When I was a little girl, my Mom had them planted in the front of our house and when they came up in early spring, I was always enchanted by them. Way back then I thought of them as little cups that fairies would drink from when no one was looking... And their fragrance...Mmmmm!!! I am so pleased that you have enjoyed looking to this one!

And Jamie... I will have a print made of "Tiny Worlds" for you next week and send it off to you as soon as it is ready! Oh...The Sweeties here at ESM know that I will be happy to have them offer prints of my paintings at their online store, but I think that they have had their hands full with other concerns lately. I hope to hear from them soon, so we can iron out all the details!

I'll be back soon with my next painting! In the meantime, I am sending Big Bunches of Blessings to all of you!

With Much Love and Gratitude,


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