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This is a general transmission for all channels bearing the designation "Eric Dollard".

Thank you to everyone that has donated to my existence. Now I no longer need welfare money. I must remember however that donation cycles are aperiodic and at a point in time decrease to one over epsilon (37 percent), on their way to zero.

The cost of replacing the Mojave Research Installation at Landers is in the multi-millions. Not much chance to get back up before the next California "Big One". Is it not strange that others get grants for ill conceived "Warning Systems", but I cannot get a dime? Only in America!

The money that has come in will be spent two ways. Foremost is the overhaul of the Corolla and its radio system, bringing this back up to military A-1 status. What remains of the income is to be allocated toward monthly living expenses for the year ahead.

The cost of assembling any form of research laboratory is astronomical, even if the parts can be found. I have no more R.C.A. or Bell to go to anymore, nor are there any Navy Ships left. All gone!

I have been provided with a building in the remote Nevada Wastelands. Here I can work on my Car and deal with storing and preparing food. Not much gear exists to do any major research thus that done there will be more mathematical. The main emphasis will be on Music, Waveform Production, and Polyphase Stereo Systems. A large analog computer needs to be constructed to facilitate this, about 3 to 4 eight foot tall relay racks of custom made Western Electric Gear, all still to be found, and paid for. No land exists for antenna research, a serious constraint. Hence Telluric & Seismic research remains discontinued, but Models of Wardenclyffe will be designed here.

It must be remembered that I am a Feral Human, the one that got away, a Human Coyote. A Coyote is not something you would want to invite into your home, nor does it want to come inside. Such a creature must remain outside, free.

I have lived in my 1980 Toyota Corolla for 24 years. It has traveled over 650 thousand miles, much of it over brutal terrain. Such living precludes the possibility of having material possessions. Therefore it is best not to send objects to my Lone Pine address, mail only. Also, the bulk of mail now is a bit difficult to handle and competes for living space in my car, thus some parts of it get lost now and then. I try to answer everyone if I can, the best I can.

I will say here and now that no "Free Energy Fuse Box" exists, forget it. I regard Energy Synthesis as a purely mathematical idea only. I cannot provide you with Free Energy, and it would only burn up the Earth anyway. Forget the concept of Energy, throw it over the side with Bin Laden, let them rest on the bottom together as Imaginaries. Energy is obsolete.

Tesla Technology bears no relation to Faster Internet. It cannot feed the growing bandwidth appetite of Baby-Lon. Are you rioting in the streets for faster service? Throw your "maggot pod" overboard, into the drink where it belongs. Also I have no interest in pumping more R.F. into space, there is already more than enough. Urban life now is just like living in a S.A.C. radar installation, baked while you sleep.

Finally, material is appearing in my name now that is not me. I do not like this. Also, I am not seeking to be a Guru. I just want to be left alone in the bush. I have little interest in Human involvement anymore, why should I? Moreover, America is at the dawn of a new "Golden Age of Fascism" the like of which history has never experienced. Also why is it that Humans love to kill and destroy? Why is it that Humans love to kill or torture Coyotes? What is a Feral Human to do? Tell me!

Remember that John Lennon was assassinated by one of his "Fans", All the disciples of Jesus were murdered, and the lieutenants of Hitler gave us a holocaust. Anyone left is shredded by the media. I desire no public life whatsoever and looking at my "imaginary" on the Internet is disturbing to me. Remember, I just want to be left alone in the bushes, not become a modern Messiah.

Again, Thanks for this recent wave of support. At least now I can move about more freely and engage in a limited range of Electrical Research in the near future.


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