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RE: scan from book..

Originally Posted by Maxwell View Post
The solid state oscillator schematic referred to here is in Tom Bearden's book Free Energy Generation. I'm not sure a scan would be legal.

Go back to post #7 in this thread (here). That circuit is essentially the same thing.
No, I got chewed out by Rick for posting it on the Bedini III group for a user who owned the book with the corrected schematic. ( part of the reason I left there ) so no, not a good idea to post that schematic... which I understand why... if you can get it for free why buy the book?

But do note the schematic does need to be corrected as stated before, I am waiting till all my parts get here, I hope I ordered the right parts.

So frustrating trying to replicate, when the target moves. But so good to have a group here that help you to the next step.
See my experiments here...

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