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I also haven't seen the schematic, but would really like to...

Originally Posted by theremart View Post
A friend of mine is building the SS. Here is their questions...

Hey chief,
{snippage occurs}
And last, if you know, what is the difference between an SCR and a thyristor?
As far as I can tell they are the same thing, but different qualities somehow, not really understanding it.
Appreciate your time."
A lot of folks use the terms interchangeably, but the term "thyristor" actually encompasses more than just SCRs. An SCR is a sub-type of thyristor... other sub-types include things like "diacs" and "triacs". (A "diac" is basically a diode for AC circuits. A "triac" is also bidirectional, but has an "on" gate.) An SCR is basically a PNP coupled with an NPN together in one setup. Once it's turned "on", it stays on until the current flow drops below a certain amount. So, when you go to the local electronics store be specific and ask for an SCR. If you ask for a "thyristor" and you get the wrong clerk, you may end up with a triac... which isn't what you want, but fits what you asked for!

take care...
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