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You have to admit, if at least 75% of men didn't wake up tomorrow, and women had to take over, everything would change. The government would be filleted open, and all the secrets would be exposed.

We would know what humanity where we stand in this universe, and how we need to change. Capitolism would be gone in a flash.

I can think of nothing that would be better, although it is more likely that women will perish with the men. But, if we could save the women, we could salvage what we have, and redefine humanity.

And words such as freedom, and democracy, and representation, and the pursuit of happiness would be placed in front of our children. And we could wake up each day and go to work, with purpose a word that can be defined through actions.

And lies would no longer be the secret foundation of the meaning of life. If the women perish as well, we would just be starting over...and nothing would change.


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