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My goal is to discover enlightenment.

I have respect for most people. And I am tolerant to a point. That point is one of my studies. I do not want tolerance to be easy, as it is easy to stay quiet and look the other way.

I want tolerance to be shared. To be the result and not the choice. Our society inflicts suffering on the masses, without respect, and the tolerance is contradictory.

Leadership, resulting from a person who understands the suffering from a perspective that is not self-serving, offers a potential bottom line that addresses issues that can benefit society.

This is why I speak out. Society currently has a mainstream perspective that has been manufactured. It is a lie that serves a cause that is a huge secret. Our leadership is criminal in its reality.

Tolerance toward society. Where does this fit into our purpose? Should we stay silent and find an easier pursuit...such as focusing on the sharing of respect? A sharing that includes the deleting of negative issues and enjoying the mainstream manufactured positive attitudes?

To be able to enjoy wealth, and to have security in our ability to choose what we want to do, is the result of a society that is a lie. Exploitation is what defines humanity.

We have victims of our society's dedication to mainstream philosophy, which exploits, and destroys. And the bottom line is those who have the ability to serve their "soul's purpose", have exploited...and have destroyed.

Innocence does not exist. If it did at one time, someone saw that and found a way to destroy it. We have a chance to stop, and turn around, and find a tolerance that does lead to respect. It will be based on a bottom line resulting from our commitment toward truth.

Truth has nothing to do with our soul's current purpose, as we serve ourselves, and avoid anything that is difficult. We have manufactured a new defintion of mankind. It is a fake tolerance. A false respect.

Enlightenment will not be found in this society without suffering. And suffering is not our choice, as we choose to have a wealth resulting from exploitation and lies. Our current spirituality is fake.

Humanity cannot be examined. We demand a fake society. Where we fear death. And we fear suffering. And we talk the cheap talk, while we walk the hypocritic walk. And enjoy our wealth.

Where is the soul's purpose today? Where can I find it? In our leadership? In our bottom line? Or in our delusion?

Women need to provide our leadership. So that humanity has a slight chance. So that we have an honest purpose. So that we have made some recognizable attempt to change. The men have been so convincing in our lies that we now have a spirituality that is a compromised form of self worship.

Lets take away 75% of all men, and thus make the man a worthy toy for the women. And do not spare the rod when you teach the boy how to be honest. How to see clearly. And how to respect women.

At least that would give us a slight chance. Innocence.


truth in my actions
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