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NRGLab promotes SH Boxes as Alternative to Solar Energy

Haiti will unveil the world’s largest solar-powered hospital in March. The Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais on the island nation is equipped with a 1,800-strong solar crown on the roof that will satisfy the hospital's daytime energy needs on an average day. On brighter days the equipment may produce surplus power to boost the country’s unreliable national grid.

On rainy days and every other day, NRGLab (, the premiere green-energy company in Singapore, holds an affordable alternative to solar energy that does not depend on the sun or photovoltaic cells to produce power.

The company has developed and perfected poly-crystal technology for producing electricity from environmental heat. This scalable power solution uses self-contained generators known as SH Boxes, which produce electricity for as little as 3 cents per kW. NRGLab systems produce environmentally-friends energy; no harmful emissions or pollutants of any kind are released from the company’s generators, which operate more than a decade on a single installation. SH boxes can be installed anywhere; it is not necessary to mount them on a roof or even in direct sunlight.

The company’s video channel, including a presentation of the technology, is available on YouTube here: NRGLABSGD - YouTube.

Using NRGLab systems, affordable, reliable electric power is now available to anyone on earth. NRGLab generators are self-contained, can be installed almost anywhere, and deliver reliable power for 10 years or more, with minimal maintenance.

NRGLab’s first auction to license the rights for SH Box production will be held in April in Singapore. Learn more here: NRGLAB Singapore, NRGLAB Pte. Ltd. Auctions.

A copy of the company’s Strategic Business Plan can be reviewed here:

NRGLab plans to transform the way the world receives electric power, while improving the lives of billions of people with an environmentally-friendly, low-cost power source that holds vast profit potential for the company’s partners. We invite you to join us in Singapore at the Raffles Hotel (Singapore Hotel | Official Site Raffles Hotel Singapore | Luxury Hotel) for this historic auction.
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