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I am completing my primary quest that I chose when I lost my family and started writing.

Now I have to get right inside. I have to develop rock solid faith, self-forgiveness, and love. This will require me staying off the internet, and lots of walking. I have lots of thinking to do, and a spiritual path to discover.

I have to reinvent Wade. My "changing the world" is over. Now I have to work on my soul. BUT, I had to complete my first quest or those thoughts would be creeping back i walk.

I stand by my words. I will not take them back. "Being different" was my choice. Sacrifice and suffering was my choice. I have to be able to talk without crying, and talk about new topics that are more selfish. And I need to tolerate and accept. Walking is my choice.

I carried a big hammer here. I have no regrets. I am skilled with a hammer, and I hit pretty hard. That was my first new Wade. I saw my next Wade when I was in the psyche ward, and I was a spiritual leader.

That is the wade I need to find. It will be difficult, and i will either die or find something. I have another book, but I am not so sure that is my next path. If I survive this path, maybe I will find a soul who gives to me, and supports I can write. Otherwise, it is not that important anyway.

I will try to stay out of jail, but, even jail may be the best fix for me. Better than a straight jacket under Federal supervision. This will be a really huge adventure, as I carry a backpack. I will be thinking and searching for my soul, and carrying death on one shoulder, and peace on the other.

How I deal with people will make the difference I think.
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