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The hate I receive illustrates exactly what I write about. People have been trained for maybe 50 years by the Free Masons, and our covert/corrupt government, to be egoic and defend our egoic ways.

We even create new definitions for things such as ego so that we don't even have to think about who we really are. We go to great lengths to defend our right to be me, me, and myself.

Spirituality has been redefined to have no responsibility for mankind's condition, and to have an automatic excuse to not be a man. WE are afraid of death, and have a life based on fear, and death is the most terrible fate.

No great leaders anymore. The Masons go after anyone when they are young, and the rest just suck on their addictions. No one even acknowledges that we have a responsibility. We are cattle. We make sure of that.

As I stop at each church I encounter, I have no expectations of being accepted. And once they find out who I am, I suspect they will call the police. Convenience is who we are. Addictions, assumptions, excuses, and convenience.

And to Hell with anyone who stands up for truth. Oh wait, lets eliminate Hell. There ya go!

Just find a convenient way to change the meaning of my words and eliminate any responsibility, and promote an image of acceptance. Marketing. Technology. Control.

For shame.

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