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my final posts as i prepare for my quest

I think we need to lose the capitolism and tighten up on family values, and have a society that fully supports anything that makes a family strong.

Family rights. After we have done that, then we can see what else we need.

As it is, the Free Masons have everything under control. They have their families solid, as they control all of the government and society under capitolistic definition.

We need government control with a structured system based on representation, but all corporations owned by the government, and modest wages, all within a decent range of each other. All land must be owned by the government, with families having living rights and property control within reason.

All families should have equal rights based on a structured set of values...the bill of rights. Government secrets have a limited time span.

If we do our part, then the whole definition of mankind will change, and our lives will have a conncetion with the spiritual realm, and we will effectively reduce perverted activity. As it is, we develop all forms of sexual perversion.

"being different" needs to be our motto, as compared to how it is. "How it should be" will be our goal. After that, then we can be finite with our schemes.

We are now living in a world that is totally dominated by secret activity that has a bottom line where we are abused cattle. "Live and let live" is exactly what they want out of us.

Civil war is what we need, and if we become strong in our values, we will get help from angels and we will actually deserve to be free. We will have death, as we will lose our hypocrisy and death will be a badge of honor, and the weak/pathetic men will disappear.

Walking the walk.


truth in my actions
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