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In being homeless, and while I was just close to being homeless, what I discovered through firsthand experience is that humanity is a perverted screwed up mess. Hypocrisy defines capitolism.

If I tried to offer help to a homeless man, they were always afraid of me. They thought I was a pervert. As I walk the path, I will also suspect anyone who offers help. The odds are, I estimate, that anyone willing to help is more than 75% chance of being a pervert.

Society has no help, other than a very bare minimum that sets a tone that defines capitolism. WE flat out suck. The only thing we can do is make an excuse, as WE do for all matters that concern us taking responsibility for our actions.

And once a person like myself hits a low spot, he is trash. Capitolism is for the very weak, who are complete hypocrites, or consumed by the ego so that excuses allow us to lie to ourselves. And then we preach about spirituality. A spirituality that is self-serving.

Sure, we go on and on about me, and then me, and then myself. And call it spiritual. WE live and die through the ego and lie about it, no matter what.

Unless we are going to give, with no expectations in return, we are liars. Try giving up all materialism and walking the path of the homeless. Go ahead and laugh. That is your excuse.

In less than two weeks I pack up everything I own in a backpack and hit the path. I will be able to see firsthand, again, what trash is. And when a homeless man comes walking through town, he is a suspected thief, criminal, pervert, and probably murderer.

Preach to me now, while I am listening.

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