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Originally Posted by belle99 View Post

It has been over a year since I've checked in here. I did let go of some people and things that no longer served my growth. I have made many, many changes. I have dusted off old goals and I am giving them love again.

I would greatly appreciate some corrections to have faith in myself, patience (even though I've already been waiting 20 years for these things to manifest) and a suggestion for any PATHS modules in case I choose to start up again.

Thank you thank you.
Hi Belle!

I have already begun making CEM corrections per your request. I am very happy for your two requests, Faith and Patience, exactly what you need to focus most on now. Your Faith in yourself to attract goodness is directly related to understanding that you are ONE with the Whole. You are not separate from a harmonious life, in this truth you will feel an unbelievable well of gratitude which will surely attract more experiences to be grateful for.

Patience is directly related to Peace. The more at peace you are with what is going on in your outer world, the more patience you will develop. The gift of Patience is Patience.

So happy to see your post!

The only Module that muscle tests strong for you is X Path. This is the link to my Paths website for the X Path Module. Enjoy!

PATHS | X PATH | Amplify Your Allure
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