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Originally Posted by GOLDEN DRAGON YIN-YNG View Post
I am from Minnesota USA.

I am a U.S. Patent holder. I call my invention the:


The YYSI unlocks a mighty geometric code found in the classic Chinese yin-yang symbol.

The YYSI took 25 years to complete itself.

Here is a list of some of the ingredients of the YIN-YANG SECRETS INVENTION (YYSI).


One of the YYSI features is it discovers a new way to find the Tree of Life diagram as used in the Jewish Kabbalah. Found in the Chinese yin-yang symbol.

If pyramid power energy 'truly exists' the YYSI-PPS will up the ante and may well prove to be the most effective way of generating pyramid energy yet devised.

End of MOST of the YYSI features.


it sounds very promising

you said quite a bit, but in the end you did not say very much .... I am still not sure what you invented or what its APPLICATION will be.

Have you figured out the connection between the I-Ching and the Qabalah?
Here is the clue: it is associated with DNA/RNA a.k.a. as the Holy Grail, the 5th element, the quinta essentia, the philosopher's stone etc.

let me know when you figure it out and we can compare notes.

selah V

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