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From what I've seen, its amazing!

Hi everyone,

I've been looking into a lot of stuff and am very happy with PATHS, and my TRV career, however, I have held off which healing modality I would pursue until ME has come along - WOW - this had all the right feelings inside of me!
ME doesn't address health issues as 'healing' but rather 'transformation'. Playing (literally) around with the quantum soup, including time travel, and alternate universes is what this is all about

I have the book on order (should be here any day now) and will attend the level 1 seminar ASAP!

ME is the mix of quantum physics applied to dealing with health issues and anything else you want in your life - no limits!

Matrix Energetics Healing seminars taught by Richard Bartlett

If anyone else has done this or knows anything about it - please reply!

Thanks a million!

After Illusions post about personal gratitude to self...and once I learn about Matrix Energetics, I can't wait to say

Thank ME


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