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Originally Posted by jibbguy View Post
One thing that interests me on this subject is, how the heck are so many university science dept's kept from studying these technologies... It would seem there is a very coordinated effort somewhere to insure they do not.
So maybe it is time to pressure acedemia....?
I doesn't know why exactly universities don't teach about this and are not researching it, but one thought I have - there is very little or no science background to free-energy, it has to be built over traditional science, that could be or couldn't be done, or it has to bo created from zero. At both cases it is not easy, at least at my university professors seems to feel more comfortable in teaching old and "proven" stuff. Yet recently were opened innovation center, so maybe there will be possibility to do some work in researching this field.

Well, about pressure... Just after summer holidays I (as long with other my year physics students) will have course about electricity (with laboratory) and EM, so I have planned to build some interesting device or devices, that violates classical way of view, show it to professors and other students and ask to them - wtf (sorry for expression) is this, how we can explain it? And if we can't, why in the name of Einstein we are not researching this phenomena? I think if some simple experiments would be done and results thrown it to united EU (European Union) university society, then there will be consequences.
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