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Time to target academia?

One thing that interests me on this subject is, how the heck are so many university science dept's kept from studying these technologies... It would seem there is a very coordinated effort somewhere to insure they do not.

You would think that somewhere, somehow one of these profs or university administration people would speak out about it.

i understand how the grant system works (i used to sell electronic test & measurement equipment to research labs), and its all about money, writing props, abstracts, getting published, the next years' funds. I'm sure that's how it is controlled: via the tyranny of the grant. But still, some tenured faculty should be *****ing about how they couldn't get their dept. heads to let them study very promising and important technology. Even if only, say 15% would be willing to speak out, that's still hundreds. We should have heard of at least a few.

And thesis work: Are there many thesis being written on this stuff, and were the authors flunked for it, lol? Or were they threatened not to use that subject? Some of these post-grads and associates should be complaining too.

This subject could be a great way to publicize and change the situation if we could get information and witnesses to suppression on this. I suspect that if this is going on (as it must be, or there would be university studies on free energy subjects by the score), then many of the people involved are not happy about it, and pressuring them a little may make them speak out, especially if they thought there would be others doing it too.

University faculty and admins should be an enlightened bunch.... As a population group anyway, lol. It should be our best chance at breaking through, of getting some traction. But there is utter silence from there so far. Why?

Imo.. All it will take is a brave few, and many more will speak out, and then the suppression will collapse and end. They cant go around killing profs who have gone public on the Internet, after all lol... bad form. And once the accusations are leveled at the administrations, they would be in a heck of a hard spot, and will have to do something in this regard, if only token, in the near future. But a crack in the wall could be significant, and may be all we need to break it down

"Denying" isn't working anymore (it's risky when the positions are so weak, because their own "troops" are of above average intelligence), they are instead using "ignoring" (silence) as their main strategy now. But that doesn't work when it is thrown in their face. Just like the silence of suppression in the mainstream news media: It is extremely dangerous for them to do it, because it is so easy to prove; by definition they cannot hide the act once it comes out. So they and the universities are in a more precarious situation every day, and it must be making some involved in it very nervous, if they have a conscience or even self-preservation instincts that suspect they might end up on the wrong side once it does come out... Perhaps nervous enough to "defect".

Every day the ecology gets worse, every day the wars for oil continue, this must weigh heavily on some of these peoples' minds....

After all, if there is a sea-change and suppression is outed and gets attention, there will be many job openings from all the fired dept. heads who went along with it and were left holding the bag... It could be a very wise and profitable career move to jump ship and go public before this happens.

So maybe it is time to pressure acedemia....?
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